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The South Pacific Stock Exchange (SPSE), formerly the Suva Stock Exchange, is currently the only licensed securities exchange in the Fiji Islands.

The SPSE was established in 1979, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Fiji Development Bank. In 1993, the shareholding was broadened to enable the participation of other financial institutions in the development of the capital markets. Seven more shareholders joined the SPSE, taking the total number of shareholders to eight.

Prior to the establishment of a call market sessions in 1996, the SPSE operated a "trading post" where the activities were limited to only few orders. When a matching of opposite order was received, a trade took place. There was no physical or electronic trading Board. Dealings in shares by both sellers and buyers were handled by the Exchange as there were no brokers in Fiji.

Active trading on the SPSE began when a call market was introduced on 1 July 1996. In the open outcry, licensed brokers respond with buy and sell orders during the trading sessions at specified times. The "market caller" calls out a listed company's name. The caller matches orders strictly according to price/time priority. Unmatched orders remaining at the end of a call market session are carried forward to the next call session. The transactions are paper-based and call sessions occur on a physical trading floor.

In November 2000, the Stock Exchange officially changed its name to the South Pacific Stock Exchange (SPSE). The change is in line with the SPSE's vision of being a regional exchange.

Trading is now conducted on the Electronic Trading Platform (ETP).


The following securities are currently traded on the SPSE:

1. Listed company shares
2. Government bonds
3. Statutory authority bonds
4. Government treasury bills
5. Statutory authority promissory notes
6. Reserve Bank of Fiji notes (issued for monetary policy purposes)
7. Tradable term deposits

There are currently no derivatives and futures markets in the Fiji Islands.
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